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Posted by DFM on Nov 23, 2013
D-link Dap-1150 Manual

D-link Dap-1150 Manual

D-link Dap-1150 ManualThe D-Link DAP-1150 model router features an option which enables you to extend the wireless network beyond its current range. The configuration of the feature Repeater Mode will essentially relay the wireless signal that will exceed the limits of the access point more than twice. We cannot deny that this feature is extremely handy, especially when your wireless network environment includes some obstructions like concrete walls for example. First of all, your personal computer has to be configured in order to obtain the DHCP (dynamic IP address) and take advantage of the feature Repeater Mode. Download your D-link Dap-1150 Manual later.

About the D-link Dap-1150 Manual

If you keep your d-link dap-1150 manual, then you won’t have any problems with the configuration. If you don’t keep the manual, let us warn you first that it’s important to preserve the manufacturer’s instructions for this kind of devices because you can’t always know what to do without them. However, with the Internet access today you can always find a way to learn the things you don’t know at the moment, so just search for the manual and configuring instructions online. Before you start the configuration, you will need an Ethernet cable. The steps you’ll need to follow are pretty easy, but don’t try to perform the configuration if you don’t know exactly what you need to do. Here is the link.