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Posted by DFM on Nov 23, 2013
D-link Dap-1360 Manual

D-link Dap-1360 Manual

Just like its other “colleagues“, the D-Link Dap 1360 is great wireless router which is excellent for creating home or office wireless networks. This wireless router can be used to create new wireless networks at home or in offices, as well as to upgrade existing wireless networks because this wireless router can is compatible with previous generation wireless routers manufactured by this producer. The router has excellent advanced security features, which protects the network comprised of several devices such as computers, laptops, printers etc, against any external attack and unauthorized access. More about that can be found inside the D-link Dap-1360 Manual.

About the D-link Dap-1360 Manual

D-link Dap-1360 ManualThe device comes with D-Link Dap-1360 manual and set up wizard which will surely prove to be very useful upon the installation and the running of the router. The wizard will guide you through the installation and the setting up of the network, as well as trough the setting of the accessing the network, the safety settings and the members privileges, so the installation process will run smoothly and stress free. The wireless network is much more practical solution for both, homes and offices, due to the easy installation and of course, due to the esthetical aspect, because there are no wires running around your living room or getting in the way of your clients while entering your office. Download your manual here.