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Posted by DFM on Oct 26, 2013
D-link Di-614 Manual

D-link Di-614 Manual

Although D-Link DI-614 is a very old model of wireless router, it still serves it purpose even after all this years. Basically it is a 802.11 b/g modem and router that has all the needed features for a home or a small office. Back in its time it offered a lot for the price of just 150 dollars. It supported four 100/10 ports, as well as the WAN connection for the third-party DSL or cable modem. D-Link browser-based setup was easy to use and the user could configure network as he pleased. Starting from SSID info, WEP encryption level, DHCP and of course the type of the Internet Protocol (PPPoE, static or dynamic). D-link Di-614 Manual is included down below.

About the D-link Di-614 Manual

D-link Di-614 ManualOnly bad thing in this model was its wireless performance. Range was a rather big problem in comparison with the bandwidth speeds that it put out (it was pretty decent, around 6 Mbps). The antennas that D-Link DI-614 had were pretty weak and beside that it didn’t come with a wall mount so you could put it a bit higher for better signal dispersion. In a summary this model has pretty decent performance, it is very easy to use, has great security options and of course a low price. The only bigger issue with it was that you had to manually activate the warranty via their website, which is pretty inconvenient and probably most of the people will forget to do that eventually. If you looking for the D-link Di-614 Manual pdf, you are on the right site! Check out this link!