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Posted by DFM on Oct 27, 2013
D-link Dir-615 Manual

D-link Dir-615 Manual

The D-Link DIR-615 router was one of th first D-Link’s wireless N draft standard router.  It had a very low purchase price, but it lacked of any Gigabit Ethernet ports, just 100 and 10 Mbit ones, as well as some additional features like USB ports, which were pretty standard in its time. With its low price you had no excuse to finally move onto a new wireless n standard with better performance and 300 Mbps theoretical throughput rate. Its price was even lower than some of the routers with 802.11 G wireless standard. The DIR-615 design was very simple and compact. D-link Dir-615 Manual is included in this article.

About the D-link Dir-615 Manual

D-link Dir-615 ManualIt had two small, but obviously weak, antennas attached in the back, as well as the four 10 / 100 Mbit ports and one WAN port for the DSL or cable modem. Most common positive feature of D-Link’s routers and modems is that they are very easy to set up via their web-based setup wizard. You can configure it even faster with Quick Router Setup software which comes on the optical disc. Sometimes those features is better to configure manually as you can fiddle with more detailed options, ones like encryption level of the wireless network, QoS services, type of the IP connection and so on. As we said in the begging, you won’t be amazed by the DIR-615 performance, but still it is much better then any G draft standard, as the DIR-615 comes in with the typical bandwidth rate of over 100 Mbits. Basically, back in the day (over 4 years ago to be exact),  the D-Link DIR-615 was a great entry-level router with a wireless 802.11 n standard with a great price. Are you looking for the D-Link DIR-615 manual pdf? Click here to download it.