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Posted by DFM on Oct 12, 2013
D-link Dir-628 Manual

D-link Dir-628 Manual

D-Link DIR-628 is not your average Joe router model. It main purpose is to boost the range of the wireless signal and that is why you will sometime find him by the model name of DIR-628 RangeBooster. This model is relatively new considering it supported technology and yes, it is a n draft wireless 802.11 router and of course beside that it has b and g wireless draft also. The DIR-628 is not only cheap (you can still find him around 100$ – but if you try hard you can also find it as low as 70$), but is damn fast in regards of performance and easy to set up using D-Links awesome set up wizard. Do not worry, if you are a power user, you will find yourself roaming around among different kinds of advanced settings, starting from QoS (Quality of Service) support, security miscellaneouses, to detailed wireless and wired network support and setup. Are you looking for D-link Dir-628 Manual?

About the D-link Dir-628 Manual

This model also support 2,4 Ghz and 5 Ghz bandwidth range. 2,4 Ghz is ment for greater distance, cause it penetrates further with lower its lower frequency, but you lose some bandwidth performance. On the other side, 5 GHz is ment for much higher bandwidth, but with less distance available. Two big and strong dBi antennas will make sure that your wireless signal covers a big amount of your household.  If you want to see some more detailed specification, check the user manual which probably came with your model, but if you are looking for the D-link Dir-628 Manual downloadable pdf, you are on the right site!