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Posted by DFM on Oct 8, 2013
D-link Dir-815 Manual

D-link Dir-815 Manual

D-link Dir-815 ManualThis dual band Wireless-N draft  from D-Link comes in with a very affordable price and quite decent wireless bandwidth performance. You can find this model as low as 50 bucks online, but most of the time it is between 60-70 dollars. This router has a feature to separate networks so it can use different kind of bandwidth for each wireless network. Each network is capable of doing 5 GHz in a propose of streaming data, and 2,4 GHz for everything else on the network. Putting all the first glance pros on the side, and affordable price too, we are seeing a lot of user complains regarding its performance. We can understand them somewhat, but then again, the price is really low on this model, what else could you expect? D-link Dir-815 Manual is free for download.

About the D-link Dir-815 Manual

Most complains fall onto the QoS service that is integrated in the router and for all we can see and read, it is not working properly. As a matter a fact, good majority of users said – you can not call this a proper QoS service, or even  a QoS service at all. Performance wise there has been some issues with the dual band frequency mode and they way it (doesn’t) works. Regarding that technical topic it is best for the users to go on and check upon the manual which came with the router. General setup of the D-Link DIR-8185 is somewhat easy if you use setup wizard. If you are you looking for the D-link Dir-815 Manual pdf, look no further. You can download your manual for free by clicking on this link.