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Posted by DFM on Nov 23, 2013
D-link Dns-323 Manual

D-link Dns-323 Manual

DNS-323 is a device for network storage which is produced by D-Link. You can use it in order to connect a few hard drivers to it and then add this device to the local area network through the gigabit Ethernet port. That simply turns the DNS-323 device into a file server and allows you to access files through the Internet. If you never used this kind of a device with a Mac computer, you’ll need to configure a connection manually to the device. D-link Dns-323 Manual can be found at the end of the article.

About the D-link Dns-323 Manual

D-link Dns-323 ManualThe best way to do that properly is to keep your d-link dns-323 manual and follow the steps it provides. First of all, you need to make sure that the network storage device is powered on and it is connected to the local network with the use of an Ethernet cable. Click the “Finder” icon; open “Go” menu and select the option to “Connect to Server”. In the field where the server address is required, just type “smb://” and follow that with the IP address of your DNS-323, or the hostname. You’ll find a plus button right next to the field “Server address”. Press that plus if you intend connecting to the network storage device often. Find the button “Connect” at the bottom and click on it in order to initiate a connection. Once your Mac establishes the connection, it will display a new “Finder” window with the files on the device. Download manual here.