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Posted by DFM on Nov 21, 2013
D-link Dsl-2740b Manual

D-link Dsl-2740b Manual

When it comes to business or even home networking, you’ll rarely get anything done properly without a solid quality router. These days, almost everyone with broadband Internet access has a router in their homes. Routers in general are provided by various telecom companies to be able to access their services. They’re currently used both for Internet access and IP telephony. Routers enable you to connect several computers and telephones in one network and then manage almost any little detail you can think of.

About the D-link Dsl-2740b Manual

D-link Dsl-2740b ManualIf you want to restrict access to some sites, you can generally do that directly in that router and you can also add exceptions in certain cases. Basically, if both your children and you have their own PC’s, you can safely block certain websites for your kid’s PC while still retaining access on your own PC. However, you will need a proper manual to do that most of the time. Since D-Link routers are numerous, you will need a manual for a specific model. Just check what kind of model you own, on the router device itself. Then you can find something like the D-Link DSL-2740b manual online and with no issues whatsoever. Online manuals also have the advantage of having more useful information than standard printed manuals that usually come with these router devices. Download the manual here.