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Posted by DFM on Oct 28, 2013
D-link Dsl-g604t Manual

D-link Dsl-g604t Manual

D-link Dsl-g604t ManualIn a nutshell, the DSL-G604T was a pioneer of the wireless modem routers. It comes in a classical D-Link housing that was pretty recognizable back in its time. Blue, grey and silver was the D-Link’s color scheme. This is was one of the first ADSL2/2+ modem and wireless router with the greater market span. It came with only wireless antenna which was also backwards compatible with the 802.11 B wireless standard. The encryption level for the wireless network had the support for the WEP, WPA-PSK and WPA standards, unfortunately excluding the WPA2 standard of very high encryption level. Although it didn’t have a wall mount option, DSL-G604T came with a stand for its upright position which gave it a somewhat cool looks. D-link Dsl-g604t Manual is included.

About the D-link Dsl-g604t Manual

The most common issue with this model was that it was pretty unreliable in terms of stability and constant spontaneous resetting. Even after few firmware upgrades, users had a pretty difficult time keeping it stable through the use. You could mess around with the settings as you pleased, but even that didn’t help that much since it was a clear firmware issue. Although it was pretty easy to set up, most users were trying hard to find an online manual just so they can find a solution to that stability issue. Since this model dates from the late 2006., we doubt that somebody is still using it after seven plus years, but if you looking for the D-Link DSL-G604T manual pdf, you can find the download link in this post.