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Posted by DFM on Oct 6, 2013
D-link Dwl-3200ap Manual

D-link Dwl-3200ap Manual

D-link Dwl-3200ap ManualThe above mentioned router in the title of the post isn’t that popular among commercial and “average” users. That is somewhat understandable since it didn’t get into the hands of the bigger ISP’s, so it lacked of their dispersion on the market among the DSL and cable owners. Putting that aside, DWL-3200 was a pretty successful model for the D-Link. Although this model had only one purpose to serve, it was still a very good product performance wise and also very easy to set up. In the time when this model came out on the market, wireless networking started to grow exponentially, so you can say that with this product D-Link made a proper move in order to conquer the market of the wireless access point router.

About the D-link Dwl-3200ap Manual

With the small competition on the market, D-Link became dominant pretty fast in a small period of time. DWL-3200 was a pretty simple device back then, uncomplicated wireless PoE access point device suitable for any household or small office and with an affordable price. For that time being it was understandable that it supported only a 802.11 b and 802.11 g draft compliant wireless networks, but still that was good enough for most average users that bought him. As we said before, set up is quite easy and it can be done through the D-Link Wizard, but in case if you are you looking for the D-link Dwl-3200ap Manual pdf for even easier setup, you are on the right site, find your copy over here!