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Posted by DFM on Nov 10, 2013
D-link Wbr-1310 Manual

D-link Wbr-1310 Manual

D-link Wbr-1310 ManualThe D-link Wbr-1310 is one of those routers which are still pretty good and also available on the market (you can find them on Amazon from $9.99 refurbished to $39.99 new). The user interface is really basic and easy to configure, with which you can then create a network and share the connection with it. It works with other routers and devices which are on the 802.11g and b network. Regardless of that, you can use it as a switch, as a router or as a modem. To download your D-link Wbr-1310 Manual, please click at the link below.

About the D-link Wbr-1310 Manual

The wireless signal with it is fair and the only problems which it could give you are the default passwords and the settings. For them we recommend to take a look at a D-link Wbr-1310 manual. If you didn’t get one in the box, or if you got a used device, then jump over to our MediaFire link, there is a PDF manual waiting for you on the other side of it. Download it here.