Posted by DFM on Oct 30, 2013
Dyson Vacuum Cleaners – Most Common Problems

Dyson Vacuum Cleaners – Most Common Problems

Dyson vacuum cleaners are well known throughout the world, and many people use them to do their daily cleaning. However, like with anything, they do cause problems and breakdowns. Here are the most common problems that can happen while handling one of these devices.

Dyson Cleaners

  • Blocked cylinder

This is one of the most common problems, but it is an easy fix. The cylinder gets blocked because of dust stuck in cyclones. Just clean the dust away and everything should be alright. If it’s not, check the instructions you got with it, maybe you did something wrong.

  • Torn cable

This can be dangerous sometimes. You can always pull the cable out, and you can lose the power. The cable is not strong and you can pull it out with almost no effort.

  • Burned motor

This problem is related to the blocked cylinder and blocked filter, because only if a cylinder is blocked, this can happen. If only a filter is blocked this most likely won’t happen. With these 2 problems co-operating, your motor will overheat and it will burn down, which is a serious problem, meaning you will have to buy a new one, and they vary in price.

  • Brush bar failure

This is a strange problem, and it happens when hair gets stuck in the brush bar. It’s difficult to solve because you have to buy new parts, and they can be very expensive.

  • Torn hose

Hoses on Dyson products are strong, but it CAN get torn if you are reckless. You can fix it with some tape, but it will still get loose even then, so you will have to be more careful. Best thing would be to buy a new one.

Dyson products are well known, but like any other product, they can break down and some parts are fairly expensive, so watch out for that. These solutions should fix your problems, but if not, call the store you where you bought it and ask for further assistance, or check some of our Dyson manuals.