Posted by Matthew on Jan 20, 2013
Hp Officejet 6500a Plus Manual

Hp Officejet 6500a Plus Manual

The number of people working from home has increased dramatically in recent years. This trend has sparked demand in the market for home office equipment, especially things like fax machines, shredders, and printers. One of the household names when it comes to printers is definitely Hewlett Packard, or HP as it is more commonly known. I am a big fan of the Officejet 6500A Plus because it is an all-in-one printer that provides you with a big variety of functions. It is easy to setup right out of the box and has an interface that is very user-friendly, especially for the technology averse. My favorite part is the price.

About the Hp Officejet 6500a Plus Manual

This printer retails for just under two hundred dollars. It comes with web apps developed by HP that do not require you to be connected to the computer. You can even email documents right to the printer and print them out on the spot. The output speed is very good, so you will not sit around waiting for your documents to come out of the printer. There are no big flaws that I found that would keep from recommending this product to anyone looking for home office solutions. Since this machine does come with a lot of online features, the HP Officejet 6500A Plus manual will be your friend. As I mentioned, it is user-friendly, but something may require a brief glance at the directions to make sure you are setting it up correctly. This is a great solution for your home office needs, so download it here: HP Officejet 6500A Plus manual

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