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Posted by DFM on Jan 28, 2014
Logitech M305 Manual

Logitech M305 Manual

The Logitech M305 Wireless Mouse is an ergonomically designed mouse and it is a simple and stylish hardware. You can choose one of the seven available colors and patterns. The Logitech M305 Mouse has a simple design, with contoured rubber grips on the sides and smooth plastic click buttons. It all adds up to a comfortable navigating experience. More details about features can be found in Logitech M305 Manual.

About the Logitech M305 Manual

Logitech M305 ManualThis device doesn’t have some unique features, besides the SetPoint software. The SetPoint software allows users to make changes in the sensitivity settings and to change the function of the mouse buttons to be suitable for righties or lefties. The performance of the Logitech M305 mouse is incredible. You will be amazed of the speed and accuracy of the mouse. Check the Logitech M305 manual to optimize the performance of your new device. You will immediately feel the difference. M305 feels and performs better than any other wireless mouse. The Logitech M305 Wireless Mouse is a beautiful and simple device and it can be used by everybody. This five button mouse is a great choice for you or your children. If you flip the mouse, you can see where the magic happens. There you will see the optical sensor, the on and off switch and the battery cover. Grab the manual on this link: Logitech M305 Manual