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Posted by DFM on Jan 28, 2014
Logitech Squeezebox Touch Manual

Logitech Squeezebox Touch Manual

Logitech Squeezebox TouchWhen it comes to customer support and service, Logitech is one of the companies with a truly excellent reputation in that matter. For example, it is not uncommon for them to send you new models of their devices if your old model had a malfunction of some kind. It is also not uncommon to find Logitech products with significant discounts. Why? Well, simply because their packaging got a little damaged during transport. And we don’t mean punctures or major damage; their products end up on discount sales even if there are little dents and scratches on their packaging. In any case, one of the more popular product lines from Logitech is their Squeezebox Touch (with included Logitech Squeezebox Touch Manual).

About the Logitech Squeezebox Touch Manual

It’s basically a network radio player that can play music from internet radio stations, streaming sites or directly from your home PC network. As with any network-related devices, sometimes you need an advanced manual to make the most out of their potential. For this reason, it’s a good idea to have such an advanced Logitech Squeezebox Touch manual and it’s also convenient to have if you somehow misplaced your own manual. And let’s face it, having an extra copy of a manual somewhere is always handy. Catch the PDF copy here: Logitech Squeezebox Touch Manual