Posted by DFM on Dec 8, 2015
Netgear n600 user manual

Netgear n600 user manual

Netgear n600 user manualaThis dual band router is probably one of the most iconic Netgear’s products. Dual band is always better because you get less interference, and since it is packed with features, be sure to download the Netgear n600 user manual in order to learn more about them. Features like ready SHARE and Broadband Usage Meter are examples of how Netgear was ahead of its competition by inventing ways to make their users more happy and satisfied. N600 is great for gaming, IP telephony, media consumption and everything you can imagine doing over the internet. Features like Live Parental Control will make sure you have control over what your kid is doing, and open SSID support will allow you to create separate network for your visitors and guests. Many more is included, like Quality of Service (QoS), sharing USB storage device, Push ‘N’ Connect, etc.

Netgear n600 user manual: get all the important informations

On the downside, many users reported malfunctions which resulted in replacing the old router with new one. Router would work perfectly for 2-5 months, and then problems started to emerge. After constantly resetting the router, many users simply had to replace it because it was becoming annoying and unusable. We really hope that you did not have similar experiences as this is great device in general.



By clicking on this free link, you can download the Netgear n600 user manual.