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Posted by DFM on Nov 3, 2013
Singer 401a Manual

Singer 401a Manual

Singer 401a ManualI remember when I was a kid, my mother, who was a seamstress, had a few of those older Singer sewing machines. Back then they looked cool to me and I thought that they worked flawlessly. There were several models, from the older 3xx series to the newer 4xx series. This article will cover only the Singer 401a Manual, which can be pretty useful for people who stumbled on some problems with the device, or are in need with a few good advices on how to exchange some of the parts within the machine.

About the Singer 401a Manual

One of the best advices which I can give you at this point is Ebay. Yes, Ebay, if your machine broke and you are in need of replacement parts, just go there and search for the exact part which you need. Not only that, they have spare parts, Foot controls, cords, pedals and other neat stuff which you can use to repair your Singer machine.  Overall there are no new 4xx units released from Singer, so keep good care of your old one. If, by any chance, you are in need of a manual, then jump over to this link for a direct download, we have the full manual together with a troubleshooter.