D-Link User Manuals

D-Link DIR-601 Router User Manual in PDF

In most cases the Wireless home routers are kinda ugly. Not stylish enough, blue, white or silverish. But that’s not the case with the D-link Dir-601! It’s a black, neat D-link router which has features widely accepted, and also a fine addition to the services which modems and routers usually use. For an example, this device can stream videos and share files over the secured Network which it can offer, or so called Ultra-Secure network. All of this can be handy for different user profiles, not just advanced users. It also comes with the D-link Dir-601 Manual, as standard.

About the D-link DIR-601 Manual

It’s easy to set up, it’s easy to upgrade it and it offers a better home coverage than Wireless G. Overall it looks good, it performs good and its also priced good! For around $30 you can get second hand device over Amazon, or for around $120 a new one. Second hand models can sometimes be in excellent condition, so don’t be afraid to buy used one because you can save massive amounts of money. If you are in need of D-link Dir-601 Manual, you can download one below:

D-Link N150 DIR-601 Router Manual